Vintage per kilo

Just as so many girls my age (or so it seems) I love vintage clothing and the challenge of mixing them with high street items into a nice outift. Most of the time I prefer shopping at the local thrift shop, but when one of my vintage-loving-friends told me about an event where vintage was sold per kilo, I knew I had to check it out. One kilo of vintage would cost me 15 euros. So I was off to Amsterdam on a cloudy saturday morning and met up with my vintage-loving-friend and the Amsterdam train station. The event would be held at a place called Undercurrent, up in Amsterdam north. We took the ferry and hoped on scoring a couple of nice items.

When we got to the ‘vintage per kilo’ (as it was called) event, we had to stand in line for a couple of minutes, and I could see that the place was already full of vintage-loving-people. As the wardrobe and entrance were free (Yeeh!), we got our blue bags and the shopping could begin! I really, really regret not taking my camera with me, because it was a very interesting sight. The first thing I noticed was the enormous amound of shoes that were lined up. As the shoe lover I am, I immediately began to scavenge for a nice pair of shoes. And I found ‘m! A pair of dark brown, broque-ish pair of shoes that also had a perfect fit. Nice. Off to the bags it was. This was where, for me, the chaos began. As the place was beginning to run full, everybody seemed to meet up at the baskets the bags were placed in. I didn’t have to look for long before I found a really nice handbag. But.. it was quite heavy, so I put it down for a moment and it was snatched away immediately. What a shame! Luckily I found another handbag that I really liked a couple of minutes later, due to the, also, enormous amount of bags.

I already found a pair of shoes and a bag that I really liked, and it was time to find some shirts, skirts, dresses or trousers. My expectations were raised quite hight after the shoes and bags, but the clothes weren’t really were I had hoped for. At the end, I found a cute seventies-ish top and a simple black shirt, but that was all I got from the endless line of racks. Just before I decided to call it a day and got in line, I found a creasy hat (which is actually from Zara, so not really vintage) and I decied to throw it in. After waiting in line for aaaaages, my friend and I (who also found a pair of shoes, a bag and a couple of skirts) hopped on the ferry again and went home after our vintage adventure. So, in the end I was happily surprised! I liked the venue, the atmosphere and the amount of vintage that the organization had come up with, even though the actual clothes weren't really my style. 


Spikes and violins

Last week I felt like spoiling myself and ordered a new haul from Topshop and everything5pounds.com. It included ten pairs of new shoes <3!!! I do feel a bit guilty about ordering from a company so cheap, I hope the labour conditions in the factory aren't too bad...

The beanie and earrings (both in my favorite color!) sweater and shoes are all new. I dyed the tights myself.

I can't actually play the violin, but I would like to... especially since watching Treme.

The sweater reads DOPE, but I didn't get a good picture of the text...


Single life

So it's been a while since my last post... I broke up with my boyfriend and I was too busy celebrating single life while secretly being heartbroken. This actually resulted in some nice outgoing outfits, but I lost my camera charger so I couldn't take any pictures :(

So here's an outfit I wore back in 2012 instead!

My break-up haul just came in, so I'm gonna unpack it and after that I'm getting a new charger in my new heels ^^



We'd like to introduce a new category, the webshop review. I’d like to show you one of my precious spots on the World Wide Web: Phixi.nl. Phixi is a vintage-orientated webshop were they also sell customized items, lovely satchels and grandma’s jewelry. Based in Rotterdam, it’s a fairly young webshop. 

‘We carefully handpick all of our items to make sure that the quality, materials and details are in great condition. Every piece is truly unique and has its own story. Whether you like the edgy Madonna look, or the beautiful and classy style of Audrey Hepburn, we promise you won't be disappointed!’ – Phixi.nl

My Phixi repetoir now includes a woolly sweater with golden studs, a leaf pattern top, an oversized demim shirt, a leather mini skirt, a dark blue, velvet blazer with military details (which Dorus picked out for me!) and a small cross pendle. With vintage colthing, especially when bought online, you never now if the piece you just bought really fits you. So I have to admit that the denim shirt is a tad to oversized for my liking, but I just love the decoration on the neckline. Besides, there’s nothing that a bit of tailoring can’t fix.

So, if you have a creaving for vintage pieces in your garderobe and there isn’t a vintage shop in sight, this is the place to be. Have I mentioned yet that the orderd clothing arrives in two workdays, packed in crispy wrapping paper complete with cute labels? Almost like receiving a present from yourself!


I've got a thing for films, books, games, series, anything with a postapocalyptic setting. The mix of long-lost technology with a hard, wild-west lifestyle. Tried to express it in an outfit today :)

... And off course this calls for some lovely nuclear wasteland tunes ;)